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TO HEALTH & FITNESS that produces results.

Adam took the stand from day one, his passion and determination to change peoples lives was from the heart. Adam puts absolutely EVERYTHING into helping you discover and push you to your limits, and that's not just physically, he delves deeper into that physiological and mental state, which is something most trainers don't do but it has absolutely everything to do with the outcome. Not only does he do this so professionally he does it so naturally, I believe his true gift in life is to help people better themselves inside and out. I know everyone who teams up with Adam in his 1GNITION program won't look back, he can offer so much knowledge and joy, not only as a coach but as a friend - his energy is infectious. I highly recommend choosing Adam and 1GNITION, (so) if you want to succeed at your goals, then this is the guy for you!

Karen M


​MANAGE your thoughts

Still beating yourself up about what you ate ​on the weekend all those sessions you missed? Create a mindset that supports your progress ​and start ​your engine of success.


​FIND balance

​Sick of restrictive meal plans that are near impossible to sustain long-term? ​​It is time to establish your own approach that supports your body AND allows you to eat food you love.



​Do you dread 5am starts or look for excuses to dodge your afternoon workout? Engage in training that you love, and learn how to train effectively to produce results.



​Have the best intentions but still find yourself becoming a slave to the demands of a busy life? Learn how to effectively prepare, plan and actually STICK TO IT!

About Adam

Adam suffered from childhood epilepsy, and experienced severe skin conditions including eczema and acne (all of which required heavy medication). Adam developed huge self confidence and acceptance issues as a result, and led him down the path of negative self-talk and self-loathing, as well as poor gut health and some poor eating habits, which weren't discovered until much later.

Like most people, Adam loved to have fun. Social events were based around food and alcohol, and consequently his health suffered. Even though he was still eating fairly well and training each week, deep down he struggled to deal with daily life. What once started out as enjoyment, sugar, coffee, alcohol, drugs & social media became tools to cope with life itself, resulting in roller coaster-like energy patterns, poor sleep and decreased focus and productivity, among other things.

This led to feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, worthlessness and fatigue. Adam would beat himself up about the smallest mistake, which only perpetuated the cycle and as a result, remained stuck without seeing any results for over 10 years. Fortunately, this experience allowed Adam to create 1GNITION and help others breakthrough what's been holding them back.


​If that was the case, we'd see only overweight people getting sick, and this is obviously not the case. The quality of what goes in AND on your body has a huge impac​t.​ Stress plays a major part, as does ​the functionality of all bodily systems, amongst other things.

​We have to start realizing that our body gives us signs when ​something is out of balance. We need to start paying more attention to these signs. AND we need to stop putting off making​ changes to our lifestyle, in favour of ease and comfort, only responding when we get sick or when it's too late. ​

How long will you allow yourself to ​continue 

feeling tired, run down and less than 100%?

Our quality of life hangs in the grips of our thoughts, our behaviours and our habits. Make changes to these, and you will literally change your life in ways unimaginable! ​

​Adam Cox


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