​The Vision

A world where ​Mums and Dads lead by example in health & happiness.


Worldwide, Mums & Dads have become highly stressed, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed (amongst other things!) whilst striving to provide the very best for their family. This way of living has become almost a norm for many; although deep down, many often fear that they are not enough, do not do enough or they do not have enough.

1GNITION exists to change the lives of busy Mums & Dads who are unhappy with their current quality of life. I aim to lead by example; motivating, inspiring & empowering others to live a life that they TRULY LOVE so that they can inspire the children of today to experience a long, fulfilling, healthy & happy existence!


1GNITION helps busy Mums & Dads breakthrough the limitations that have been holding them back from living remarkably happy, healthy & purposeful lives. It will help you:

- Put an end to overwhelm and overthinking, and replace it with a strong, empowering mindset that supports you daily.
- Break free from the destructive behaviours that are preventing you from achieving your goals and being happy.
- Escape the ALL OR NOTHING approach, and create a simple, balanced and effective practise that produces sustainable results.
- Blast through doubt & fear to hit the accelerator on your life and motivation levels, saying goodbye to procrastination.
- Release yourself from the need to be perfect and develop influential self-talk that changes your outlook on life for the better.
- Learn effective methods to lower stress, anxiety and overcome depression.

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What people are saying about 1GNITION



I’ve been struggling with my mental health for a while. I’ve tried a number of things including medication and have spent a few thousand dollars on psychologists. Since embarking on the 1GNITION program, I’ve been able to think more clearly and more positively. Adam’s energy and zest for life is infectious and has lifted me out of the fog and into a happier state of being. 

Rachel T.



Adam has changed my life in so many ways. He peels back the layers to make you think about why you are doing what you are doing and then gives you strategies and support to make the changes you need to.  He works with you to develop meaningful, realistic and individualised goals, then supports you through the process of achieving them.  For me, this has included health, fitness and most importantly mindset. I have been able to stop some really unhealthy habits and start some really healthy habits, which has been of benefit to my whole family.  I have also been able to change my mindset to consider challenges and news received in a much more positive manner.  Adam has taught me how to turn a negative into a positive, I always leave a session feeling focused, determined and that I have the support to achieve the things that I want to.

Carly J.

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