WANT TO Look AND FEEL FIT, HEALTHY  and still live a balanced lifestyle?

Gain the motivation and support that you need to actually achieve your health & fitness goals with 1GNITION.

​Adam took the stand from day one, ​his passion and determination to change peoples lives was from the heart. Adam puts absolutely EVERYTHING into helping you discover and push you to your limits, and that's not just physically, he delves deeper into that physiological and mental state, which is something most trainers don't do but it has absolutely everything to do with the outcome. Not only does he do this so professionally he does it so naturally, I believe his true gift in life is to help people better themselves inside and out. I know everyone who teams up with Adam in his ​1GNITION program won't look back, he can offer so much knowledge and joy, not only as a coach but as a friend - his energy is infectious. I highly recommend choosing Adam and ​1GNITION, (so) if you want to succeed at your goals, then this is the guy for you!

Karen M



YOU: "I really want to get fit & lose weight."

YOU: Consumes a bottle of wine, a pizza and a tub of ice-cream on Sunday night.

YOU MONDAY MORNING: (snoozes the alarm) "I'll train tomorrow!"

YOU: "I really should get my butt to the gym, but I'm just not motivated.

YOU: "I'm training really hard and eating well, but it's not working!"


​Hi, my name is Adam Cox, and despite being a trainer for over 14 years, I often struggled to find the time and motivation to eat well, have a social life, train consistently and develop habits that actually support my health and well-being. Like most of us, I always knew what ​should​ do, but found it challenging to gain momentum, sustain a balanced lifestyle and still achieve results.

​Have you ever felt the same?

Do you know what you need to do, but just can't make it happen?

How do you currently feel?​

Are you happy with how you currently look and feel?​

Are you often stressed? Tired? Do you l​ack energy?

How long have you been looking and feeling like this?

Why have you allowed yourself to feel like this for so long?

Most people will be able to find a number of reasons why they haven't taken action sooner.

​THIS is why we struggle to maintain a healthy, balanced approach to our health and fitness. ​We ALL have the same amount of hours in a day, but it is ​how we choose to spend that time​, that differs.​ And I know, I can hear it now...

"But you don't understand, I'm married with kids, a dog, my own business and a social life... I don't have time to look after myself..."  

(or something to that effect!)

​Let me help you understand one simple principle...

​YOU, are ​the most important person in your life!

​​I know there are people who think that their spouse, kids, or family come first, so let me ask you this...

What level of ​support or help can you provide to your loved ones if you're not operating at 100%?

What example are you currently setting for your ​family? Are your kids happy and healthy?

What level of support can you provide if you are always sick, bed ridden or even in hospital?

Do you know when your time is up?

What happens if you go sooner than you expect? Who is going to be there for them then?

​If you don't make time to look after yourself now, you will one day be forced to do so, and ​most likely this will mean you can't take care of the people that you care for and love the most... How will that make you feel? How will they feel?

​So the solution is simple...

​​In order to be ​the best: partner, parent, son, daughter, friend, boss, employee, student, person... 

​Improve your own health, fitness and well-being, FIRST.

​​Yes, this is deep, but this is how serious it can become! Chances are you also avoid talking (or seldom talk!) about how you look and feel, and therefore you've never really established just how ​connected your health is to ​your own happiness and well-being...

"I'll start next Monday!" Which of course turns into next month, which turns into ​a New Year's resolution, and then the next year, and the year after that... ​So when will you start? Deep down, you know you need to do something about it, don't you? It's just a matter of when, right? I'll give you a hint...

NOW! The time is now! Why NOW?

Because no-one knows when their time is up.


Don't worry about your fears, emotions or anything that has been holding you back. You will be guided every step of the way. I'm confident that I can help ​you. No more failed attempts at getting fit and healthy. No more cookie cutter meal plans, regimented workout routines or shakes and tablets that replace real food. No more wondering about how to stay consistent and ​how to exercise some level of self-control in social situations. No more ​of the unpleasant emotions that you've been experiencing for far too long. Just imagine...

​​​Waking up every day happy, refreshed and ready to take on ​the world!

​Liking the look of the person staring back at you from the mirror!

Having habits that support your health & fitness, whilst still ​eating foods you love!

​​Being able to ​create and sustain your own motivation!

Having the energy ​to be outside and play with your kids (without getting puffed!)

Confidently enjoying the outside world, without having to hide your jiggly bits!

​​Having more time ​to do the things ​that are important to you!

Getting excited about just about EVERYTHING in your life!

You ​want ​to experience ALL of this, don't you?​

​​​1GNITION is a 12 Week Program that empowers people to take control of their health and fitness. You will be guided along your own journey, uncovering what has been holding you back and focusing on the areas that will actually make a difference in YOUR life.

Improving your health & fitness is more than eating the right food and ​training well. It's also a mental game, right alongside time management, preparation, planning and of course your environment, among other things. ​Above all, improving your health is about what you do consistently that ​will make the biggest difference. 1GNITION will help you implement behaviours that ​support​ your lifestyle ​and show you how you can turn these into habits so they support you, long-term.​​​



​Learn how to create your own motivation, ​overcome mental roadblocks and create a mindset that ​​​​boosts your progress and overall happiness.



Identify what has been holding you back and ​discover how to successfully ​install behaviours and habits, which truly ​​transform your ​health and fitness.



Be guided along your journey with a series of easily-to-implement tools and practices that will ​become the foundation pieces for your ​balanced, healthier lifestyle.


​The journey you are about to experience will help you set the foundation for a life that ​truly makes you happy, ​fit & healthy.

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​In only 12 Weeks you will:

  • ​gain clarity on your goals​ and how to achieve them.
  • ​learn how to create a ​mindset that supports your progress long-term.
  • ​uncover how to effectively manage your time so you can live a life you truly LOVE.
  • become confident with effective planning, preparation & evaluation.
  • discover the benefits of turning ​your behaviours into habits that ​positively impact your lifestyle.
  • ​understand ​why great health starts from within.
  • ​find out how to ​spark and sustain your own motivation (hint: this works on all aspects of your life!)

​Developing a ​entry-level understanding​ of the body and how it works will ​provide the structure for you actually WANTING ​to change your behaviours and establish new habits! This will include:

  • ​the digestive process, gut health & why it's so important.
  • learn how to manage & decrease your stress levels and improve the quality of your sleep.
  • ​benefits of exercise, and ​how to train effectively to maximise your results.
  • ​how to deal with some injuries, and even how to train safely with them​.

​​With a stronger mindset and a better understand of how our bodies work and how to move them effectively, you will then ​learn more about the external factors that dramatically impact your health and of course, your results!

​The common factors are obviously food and drink, but there's so much more! You will learn more about:

  • ​food - how and why it ​​impacts your body and the way you feel.
  • ​establishing a balanced approach to what you put into your body (and still get results!)
  • creating meals that support your body, without restricting what you can eat, pills or shakes!
  • ​successful planning and preparation of meals that will save you time, and taste great.
  • serving sizes, basic nutrition, emotional/stress eating (and how to overcome it!)
  • medications, personal care ​and cleaning products and the impact they have on you.

​MINDSET + KNOWLEDGE + SUPPORTIVE HABITS. This alone will make a HUGE difference to your life, but without a supportive environment, you'll open yourself to fall off the wagon again & again. (and again!)

​In the final part of 1GNITION, you'll be shown how to:

  • create an environment at home that allows you to make progress.
  • have conversations with the people closest to you, and get them on board to ​help you.
  • deal with social situations whilst ​enjoying yourself & without ​going off the rails.
  • create a support network so that you are surrounded by like-minded people.
  • ​stop comparing yourself to others (or your own expectations!)
  • keep going when you lose faith and times get tough (trust me - they will)!
  • encourage ​your loved ones to take care of themselves too - ​​without nagging them.

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What ​PEOPLE Are Saying

​Adam has taught me to push through that mental barrier and to keep going, because that's when you start to see positive changes in your mind and body! I definitely recommend Adam and 1GNITION if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and finally achieving those goals. 

Ellie D

 I have worked with Adam Cox for the past 12 months. Adam has inspired me to achieve my fitness goals. His infectious enthusiasm has given me the inspiration to get out of bed every morning. Adam is motivated, professional, reliable, positive and he has a great outlook on life. I would highly recommend Adam & 1GNITION to all my friends and family.

​Jacqui B

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​I believe ​that the ​1GNITION​ program will help you transform your health & fitness more than you ever thought possible. I'm so sure of this, that ​you have access to a ​money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply get in touch ​within the first 30 days to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

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